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Ok... That's how it all starts on Blender, with a square... (We later discover that it is the "Torus" shape that will interest us.) Being an Adobe softwares user, my first time with Blender were a bit confusing, here you'll not navigate with spacebar on your artboard. Plus the fact that I was on OSX with a QWERTZ keyboard without a numpad and a magic mouse... WINING CAMBO, I want to say :)
After some hours, following Blenderguru's tutorial, my donut starts to become fluffy and delicious. But when I tried to render the animation the computer crashs after almost 4 hours for less than 10 frames. Damn! If I want to progress in 3D, I have to buy a new machine. Finally I bought a new one and my animation will render really fast, so I decided to import it on After Effects to do some motion graphics with music.

Special thanks to Andrew Price
Song by: ItsWatR - Let It Go (on Pixabay)
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